Steps to Constructing a Home

Constructing a home is a rather lengthy and tiresome process than one imagines it to be. However, having the knowledge of various steps involved in the construction of a home can clear some clouds. Read on to know the steps to constructing a home given by Girish Avhad.

04 May 2016
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Save your Bucks with these Construction Tips

Nobody wants to pay more than necessary and cutting on expenses seems always a great idea when you are building a house because construction is quite an expensive affair and it burns a big hole in the pocket. Only the experts know how to save money on construction. So Girish Avhad is giving you some

11 Feb 2016
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Buying a Home? Look at these Useful Tips!

Purchasing a home is an intimidating task. It is that long-term investment which has to be made wisely post extensive research and intricate thought process. You have to ponder over umpteen number of things before spending your hard-earned money on your fundamental necessity of shelter. However, a home is not just a basic need but that

06 Feb 2016

Girish Avhad

Girirsh Avhad is a self-made entrepreneur. With his utter dedication, hard work and will he became the MD of Kamal motors. He served the company with his remarkable managing skills. Not just that he has also been the MD at ESPL. Girish avhad acquired his education from Singhad College, Pune in mechanical engineering. With his

01 Feb 2016
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How to Practice Eco-Friendly Real Estate

Not being limited to environment, the electricity consumption has grown so high that people has actually started paying huge amount of money on the name of electricity bills. Therefore Girish avhad provide you some tips which can help you to bring down the denominator of power consumption and making eco-friendly estate. It is to no surprise that

06 Jan 2016
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